After-Sales Issues


  • To update the Android watch: After the watch is connected to the network, enter the settings-about the watch-wireless upgrade, check the new version to update

  • To update the Bluetooth watch: find "firmware upgrade" on the mobile phone APP to update

Incomplete display of third-party application interface

    • Refer to the manual, long press the power button to enter the quick setting interface, and click the circle icon at the top of the menu to adjust the screen display mode to round or square. When it is set to square, the UI can be fully displayed in third-party applications interface

    Cannot connect with the APP

    • Be sure to follow the steps in the manual to connect

    • Clear all paired Bluetooth devices on the phone, restart the phone and watch to reconnect according to the instructions

    • Restore the watch to factory settings, uninstall and reinstall the APP

    • Try to use other mobile phones to connect to the watch

    Does not sync information with the APP

    • Please confirm whether the notification of the app is turned on

    • Please confirm whether the notification of the APP is allowed in the notification bar

    • It is recommended to reconnect according to the manual. During the connection process, you need to allow the notifications of the APP

    • Please confirm whether the Do Not Disturb mode is turned on on the watch or APP so the message is blocked

    SIM card not recognized

    • Confirm whether the SIM card is damaged

    • Contact the carrier to confirm the network band, then confirm whether the watch supports for the band, if not, it is recommended to replace the sim card

    • Check whether the shrapnel of the SIM cardholder of the watch is obviously deformed or dirty. If there is such a phenomenon, the customer can try to clean it

    GPS can not locate/offset

    • Please check watch-settings-connection-GPS, check whether GPS is turned on

    • When using the GPS function for the first time, please use GPS positioning in an open outdoor area. After the first GPS positioning of the city, the subsequent use of GPS positioning will be faster

    • It is recommended to insert the SIM card, turn on the network data switch, and connect the watch to the mobile phone through the APP to assist in fast positioning

    The battery runs out quickly

    • The battery life depends on buyers' using habits and frequency. Under normal circumstances, Android watches can be used for 4H or more, and Bluetooth watches can be used for 10H or more, which is reasonable battery life

    • The longer the user uses the watch, the greater the loss of the battery and the shorter the standby time. It is recommended that the user try not to recharge the battery after it is exhausted

    • Android watch: Clean up background applications in time, turn off mobile data, GPS, and use less applications, all of which can help extend the battery life

    • For all watch products, reducing the screen brightness, reducing the screen time and real-time heart rate functions, etc., can effectively extend the battery life of the watch

    Inaccurate exercise data

    • Bluetooth watch: Set personal age, height, weight and other information in the APP to increase the accuracy of the data

    • Please try to restore factory settings

    • Update to the latest software, and we will continue to optimize related algorithms

    Heart rate is inaccurate

    • Smartwatch (Wearable Devices) monitors human activities through electronic sensors, and they are at the consumer electuonics level.It's normal for certain deviation.please treat data objectively.Please do not compare it with professional medical equipment

    Other Issues

    Delivery time

    • Please understand that due to the impact of the epidemic, there will be a delay in the logistics time frame.

    • It takes 10-30 working days by Standard

    Custom Duty

    • The order price does not include tax

    • About Custom Duty, we can't guarantee it's free. It depends on your local customs. Sincerely hope you understand

    • For orders from EU countries, From 1 July 2021, KOSPET generally will need to collect VAT on sales of goods delivered to EUconsumers, including circumstances where goods are delivered from outside of the EU with order value of up to EUR 150, or where goods are shipped from within EU where the seller is established outside the EU

    72-Hour Ship Out

    Orders will be shipped out within 72 hours. And it takes about 7-20 days to arrive.