Fitness watch Rogbid Rowatch 2: pulse, steps, oxygen, pressure and breathing

Fitness watch Rogbid Rowatch 2: pulse, steps, oxygen, pressure and breathing

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  • Price: 2249 rubles. ($30)


I liked the Rogbid fitness watch, according to the previous model. Unlike other comparable watches, they perform just as well. Plus, they are stylish, moderately functional and not as buggy as other counterparts. The review model, the Rowatch 2, features a large 1.69-inch bright rectangular screen.

The watch is beautiful, bright, but, unfortunately, there are nuances in them that are characteristic of inexpensive or little-known brands. To justify this model, Rowatch 2 performs much better than Rogbid GT: the display is brighter and larger, the battery lasts longer, they work smoother and offer more information to the user, they measure more and more accurately, but the implementation, unfortunately, is not on the same level, that of eminent analogues. The verdict is already at the beginning of the description - the watch is worthy and suitable for those who can survive the curvature at the beginning of operation, since in the future the watch behaves adequately to expensive counterparts, you can track indicators in the application and it does not cause disgust.
The product comes in a beautiful white package, which contains a watch with a strap, instructions and a magnetic charging station.

The question is not that this is item 18, but I really like the design and how the animation is implemented.
The instruction from the kit is thick, you can read it if there is nothing to do: The model on the review has interchangeable 22 mm straps, which is convenient: Two sensors are visible, but only green is used for all measurements: pulse, pressure, oxygen in the blood. Red and infrared lights are needed to accurately monitor blood oxygen readings. When the watch is charged, the screen shown in the photo above is replaced by the WatchFace used on the watch. The battery charge is enough for 7 days of use, at least the charge per day is consumed in a reasonable percentage. View of the fitness watch on the arm: The included strap is decent. I don't want to change it quickly.

smart watch device

With a gesture from top to bottom, a screen with settings is called up: Movement from right to left Displays the current notifications that have arrived on the clock: Swipe from left to right is not assigned in the clock, it is not. Information on pulse, pressure, sleep, weather, breathing exercises, training, blood oxygen saturation, steps is available by switching screens from bottom to top: There is animation on the screens. When touching the pulse, blood oxygen, pressure or breathing screens, the watch vibrates and the function starts. Notification examples:

If the watch was far from the phone for some period, then the connection will be lost, but the program will show that the phone is paired with the watch. In this case, it is necessary, unfortunately, to reconnect the watch to the phone, and the most efficient way is to turn the watch off and on. The rest of the notifications all work properly. The connection itself does not disappear if the watch and the phone are nearby.
A possible workaround for the notifications issue would be to reset the app's permissions to send notifications. This is stated on the second screen in the application.
If you hold down the main screen, the WatchFace will be selected.
When you wave your hand, more precisely, as is usually done to see the time, the clock turns on the screen with a slight delay (per second).

Specifications Rogbid Rowatch 2
1. 1.69'' IPS screen, 240x280 pixels
2. Bluetooth 5.0
3. The watch case is made of zinc
4. Weight - 48.8 g
5. Dimensions - 43.7x35.4x10.3 mm
6. Battery capacity - 200mAh
7. Tracking steps, calories, sleep, heart rate, pressure, blood oxygen saturation, breathing exercises, camera control, music (with sound), weather display
8. IP67 water resistant
9. Replaceable 22mm strap
10. Nordic processor 52832
11. RAM / ROM - 128/128 Mb This

clock works through the Heroband III program:

You don't need to create an account to use the app. In addition to weight, height and age, you must specify the length of the step. It follows from this that the watch calibrates the calculation of indicators for a specific user. In other words, the readings in the watch are not entirely ideal, which is just confirmed by the results of comparison with analogues (see below): the watch shows the highest indicators of the number of steps and kilometers relative to the compared models. Also shaking your hand with the watch for 15 seconds adds 50 steps.
From the watch, you can control the phone's camera through the Heroband III application.
Music control is available from the bracelet and with volume control, which is not in the Rogbid GT functionality. Music control here also applies to video, which is not in Saphire from 70mai - this is such arithmetic, as they say.

Interesting - on the second tab, which has a choice of WatchFaces. There are 104 of them now. and you can customize it for yourself - there is one customizable WatchFace: Regarding the previous model in the review, Rogbid GT, Rowatch 2 has many more options for setting your own WatchFaces from the application. Yes, the functionality is limited by the choice of picture, but still, I think it’s not bad either. The model in the review does not have a nuance with alerts, as it was in the case of GT, in which, when choosing to receive alerts from the Russian Post and when distributing the Internet, the watch notified about every kilobyte of transmitted data.

Comparison of data taken from Rowatch 2 with other watches

A smart bracelet (most likely the product should be called that) does not measure the performance of either air or inanimate objects. Error: Good property, which also corresponds to the GT model. Pulse The model determines the pulse better than the Rogbid GT: the pulse changes in real time, and not like the GT almost always starts to change from 72 beats per minute. 70mai Saphir smart watch heart rate comparison: Pressure Pressure detection is a stochastic fluctuation based on the user's set data in the application, no more: Pressure readings on two hands taken at the same time are different, which is good, but still they are realistic have little relationship. oxygen in the blood

There is a program that, using the flash of the phone, measures both the pulse and oxygen saturation of the blood. Below is a comparison of the results of this program and a fitness watch: The result is expected, it is different, but far from reality. You can measure blood oxygen saturation by determining the correct cycle of blood circulation and hemoglobin (with and without oxygen), as well as by red and infrared radiation, that is, the “green” bulbs in the fitness bracelet (which are just next to the product on the review ) are not suitable for an accurate determination of the indicator. Red and infrared colors are absorbed differently by the blood and are less reflected from the bones.

The second smartband in the photo above, the Brightside F7 (that fitness tracker, nothing at all, but it has its own jokes), has a blood oxygen saturation reading of 94%, but again, the bulbs of the third compared device are also green.

The Rogbid GT program covered 2.3 km in a similar distance with the Rogbid Rowatch 2, which show a distance of 3.1 km. The difference is 800 m and 1300 steps. If on average we assume that one step is equal, according to the programs, to 70 cm, then 1300 steps is 910 m, which is comparable to the 800 m mentioned earlier. Some of the tracker models do not count or recalculate steps. Dream

The fitness bracelet has a bad feature: it starts counting sleep as soon as the user goes to bed. By the clock, the dream is already on, but it is not a fact that the person actually fell asleep. Also in awakening: you can wake up and continue tossing and turning without falling asleep, but the clock will show that at first you did not sleep (woke up), and then fell asleep.
Comparison with Rogbid GT (right): Rowatch 2 also provides information about the heart rate during sleep and a statistical summary of how the user sleeps in terms of total and sleep initiation compared to a reference group of people:

These statistics are for interest, unfortunately, since taking into account inaccuracies in the pulse and, moreover, the definition of steps (and at night steps are added in a larger size than in the same Rogbid GT), you should not count on them much. It's still interesting to compare your results with some sample of people.

Comparison with 70mai Saphir (right):


It seems that instead of updating the old firmware of their products, small companies release a new version, but with improvements. In the case of Rogbid Rowatch 2, I liked these improvements.
Any fitness bracelet is a toy and a means to make yourself move more, to set guidelines. In terms of entertainment and for non-true athletes, Rogbid Rowatch 2, for me, is suitable. The smart bracelet may especially appeal to the female half in a non-black color, as it looks, pardon the word, elegantly on the arm. In this design with a gray strap, this is a very beautiful accessory. It performs its functions, notifications come and are well read.

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